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27 May 2024
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The Easyfit Support System comprises of a single clamp and cantilever assembly. Fitting is a straight-forward one-man task, enabling installation time to be kept to a minimum.

The support clamps firmly into position around the beam flange with no need for drilling or welding. This makes the Easyfit System completely safe to use in hazardous or potentially explosive environments.

The supports can be supplied in various sizes to suit the thickness of the beam flange and is fully adjustable to suit the width.

Loads can be suspended on either side, or on both sides of the beam, or directly underneath for maximum safe load.

We also stock a comprehensive range of U-Bolts, Pipe Clips and Drop Rods to complement the system.


Using load table below determine the type of clip required. HEAVY (prefixed H) or LIGHT (L) from the diagram below to determine which size of clip will suit the beam thickness sizes H1 to H6.

Example H5 to suit 25-30 thick beam.


Maximum safe load
(directly under Centre of beam - 100% safety factor)

LIGHT SERIES - 1000kg, HEAVY SERIES - 2250kg


Available to suit LIGHT or HEAVY series. Stocked in 100mm increments 300-1000.

Calculate the length of angle required, using the following formula:

SPAN + BEAM WIDTH + 125mm. Round up to nearest 100mm.


Fully threaded M12 Steel rod - zinc plated. Stocked in 50mm increments 150-450.

Calculate the length of Tierod required, using the following formula:

LENGTH = BEAM WIDTH + 85mm. Round up to nearest 50mm.

A Heavy Series, size 2 Clip, with a 500mm long Angle and a 300mm Tierod would be ordered as follows:
1 - Easyfit Assembly H2 x 500 x 300.
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